Laksa & Beer Co opens, bringing heart-warming and authentic laksa to Geelong

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Laksa & Beer Co opens, bringing heart-warming and authentic laksa to Geelong

We’re sending laksa love to Laksa & Beer Co, the newest foodie spot to open on Ryrie Street. 

Decadently creamy, seductively spicy, a little bit crunchy and universally comforting, laksa is undoubtedly one of the best winter warmers.

While we’re still indulging in the summer weather, a brand-new spot dedicated to this Chinese-Malay classic has opened in Geelong to satisfy your laksa cravings any night of the week.

Popping up unassumingly on Ryrie Street, previously Dominos Pizza, Laksa & Beer Co and its bright renovated space is exactly what the busy strip needed.

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Serving traditional Malaysian cuisine, Laksa & Beer Co dishes out some of the best Malaysian cuisine in town, influenced by Malay, Chinese, and Indian cultures. With its ample meals layered with heat and spice, the menu delivers an enjoyable experience in authentic and quality dishes with a traditional recipe.

Sweet and savoury, creamy and textured, the laksa is of course the hero of the menu with every element made from scratch. For a traditional meal, you can get a rich and creamy coconut curry soup that looks like a flaming sunset, bursting with South Asian flavours served with vermicelli, Hokkien noodles. Choose your texture, with either chicken, veggie or the Lasko & Beer Co’s signature offering, Seafood XL tiger prawn, local mussels and scallops.

There’s also the Dry Curry Laksa, which fuses unique craft dried curry laksa and carefully selected herb and spices and your choice of meat/veggies. It does not lose the authentication from the origin but provides a more intense and flavourful aroma if you’re after something that fires on all cylinders on a warm summer’s day.


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Other favourites include Satay chicken skewers with our homemade peanut sauce, Sweet & Spicy Chicken, Pan Mee, Beef Rendang, Crispy deep-fried squid, Chef’s Specials Fry Seafood Tofu and the Guinness short rib – slowly cook pork ribs in Guinness sauce, the beer factor keeping the ribs tender and moist.

You can also order a side of Handmade curry chicken spring rolls to go along with your curry laksa which is a big win in our books.

Oh, and the Buttercream fry chicken is one of the more popular entrées. The secret? Tender and juicy chicken ribs with a golden-brown crust.

As for drinks, you’ll find all the usual suspects, as well as The Tarik – a Malaysian Milk Tea, smoothies as well as an extensive and flavoursome mocktail menu, perfect for pairing with authentic Malaysian cuisine. In great news for the venue, they’ve just been granted their liquor license so you’ll find a great selection of bottled beer and wine with more to come soon. 

Featuring a semi-industrial ambience that resembles the olden days of the nation, Laksa & Beer Co has been designed with tradition and authenticity in mind. With an abundance of natural light and cool comfort, the venue is reminiscent of the busy coffee shops in Kuala Lumpur. Here, they want to bring back your precious Malaysian memories, or forge new ones thanks to their damn good authentic laksa.


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With a stream of steaming bowls flowing from the kitchen through the bright, buzzy room since swinging open their doors in late December, Laksa & Beer Co is soon to become one of the more popular laksa dens in town.

Laksa & Beer Co is located at 87 Ryrie St Geelong and is open Tuesday through to Sunday for lunch, dinner and takeaway. Check out the website here