L E E D E N: Self-Titled EP

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L E E D E N: Self-Titled EP

LEEDEN make their entrance into the local scene with the release of their EP that can be best described as an enjoyable expedition into the depths of alt-rock music. In the vein of Eskimo Joe, Arcade fire and a sprinkle of The Beatles, the opening track Infinity is a good indicator of what is to come in the EP – An exceptional collection of Alternative rock.
However the stand-out track on the EP is Love Destroyer, despite feeling a little out of place among the smooth and consistent tones of previous tracks, its a welcomed way to close the EP as it offers some differentiation in its style, a real rock’n’roll throw back that carries vibes of The Doors.
Formulating rhythmic hooks and accompanying them with simple, yet enchanting melodic pathways, LEEDEN have created a good foundation for the band to build upon into future releases – definitely a band to keep a close eye on.
Reviewed by Josh Dowling