KYMBA is Geelong’s magical forest wonderland

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KYMBA is Geelong’s magical forest wonderland

KYMBA is Geelong’s answer to unique shopping, with a wide range of gifts, essential oils and products for body, skin and hair. As Geelong’s Healing Hub, the store offers alternative resources to explore your spiritual side and get back to basics with a range of healing therapies, treatments and workshops for overall well-being. These include remedial massage, spiritual healing and reiki, among others.

Kimberlee Bone, aka Kymba, the brains behind KYMBA, has worked on her personal growth and self healing through trust, faith, affirmations, power of the mind and letting go of all limitations. And now she has brought this together in her new store, a safe space for like-minded people and community.

Closing since early July, the new store celebrated its opening on Wednesday July 19, revealing a spectacular bohemian masterpiece in the new space – just three doors up from her previous location on Ormond Road. Celebrating with live music, cheese boards and wine, the space was filled with Kymba’s loyal and committed customers, as many explored the abundance of crystals and holistic products on offer.

“It’s awesome. I’m really blessed. I have the loyalty of my customers which is huge. The fact that we closed was too much for them,” Kimberlee says.

“Restocking was hard because we’ve never really done a shop with this much stock. So finding everything was hard, but it was good for a change, it was good to start again. I’m a bit of a job gypsy, so I was thinking I’ve been there nearly five years, so moving was like another awakening.”

The new shop space is inundated from corner to corner with stunning crystals, a wide range of essential oils, glass tea flasks, bath salts, lip balms, bold candles, incense, oracle cards, dream catchers, natural personal products, gift-ware, books, and salt lamps.

“Everything in the store I absolutely love, that’s why it’s here,” Kimberlee says of all the products on offer.

As for the space itself, KYMBA now features a rustic wooden tier table, an incense stand with a massive range of masala, plant based and herbal incense, and a stunning golden feature wall. This combined with the beautiful decorative pieces around the room channels a stunning overall woodland theme, designed by the talented and creative Shonel from Leafy Design Co.

Regardless of your belief system on the healing properties of crystals, Kymba will introduce you to the basic practical benefits of crystals in everyday life and help you understand how they help assist you to love and empower yourself.

KYMBA is located 29 Ormond road, East Geelong. Follow Kymba on Instagram @KYMBA1

Written by Talia Rinaldo