Kylie J Pole

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Kylie J Pole

In the past few years, pole dancing has become recognised for its highly effective fitness benefits, the simple fun of twirling around on a pole and the confidence it gives to women for their body image. Kylie J Pole have helped deliver this to hundreds – we’re even betting thousands – of people, and things are about to get a whole lot more interesting with the addition of roller skates…
Hey Kylie, most of us are familiar with the Pole Studio, but for those that aren’t, can you give a brief introduction into what you do?
Sure, we are a pole dance/fitness studio in the CBD of Geelong, and have been here for five years now. We offer a really broad range of classes and courses from absolute beginners to high advanced and professional competition level pole artists. We also have performance nights, an in-house student competition, heaps of workshops and are a great place for a birthday, hens or work function. At the studio you can get fit, challenge yourself, make new friends, boost your confidence and enjoy exercise in a completely unique way.
Can we have a brief introduction into the history of the wonderful, unique business?
Definitely! After a long career in pole for 10 years and a lot of passion to share it with others, I decided to open the studio with the help of some amazing people! We fully renovated the Ryrie St space and started with only a handful of classes and three instructors. After a lot of hard work, dedication, passion and drive by the team, the enthusiasm and support of our wonderful students, family and friends, we have now grown into a team of nine and a big community of pole enthusiasts!
Is the class suitable for everyone, male, female, old and young?
There are many classes to choose from, all beginners classes are literally for beginners with no experience and NO, you do not need to be strong or fit to start. We are from all walks of life from teenagers to seniors, students, corporates, we have some mother daughter groups and even some guys. You do need to be over 16 to start classes at the studio though.
For those feeling a little intimidated, or thinking ‘pole dancing isn’t for me’ what would you say to encourage them along?
Sooo many of our students say they wish they had taken the step and started years ago, were thinking about it for ages before actually doing it. I’d definitely say grab a friend and try it, you have nothing to lose, everything to gain. If it’s not for you, then at least you went to find out, but, there’s a very good chance you’ll love it!
What would the average, beginner to intermediate class involve?
Every class is a full structured fitness class and we have students at the same or similar level in our courses, so we can learn as a group and progress as individuals. Each class involves…
-Warm up to a good beat
-Pole stretch
-Moves, spins and tricks suitable to the level
-Some dance or floor work
-Strength and conditioning
-Cool down
This changes for specialised classes and casuals, but you’ll always get a great workout.
So you have some exciting news about ROLLER SKATES and them being incorporated into your classes, please tell us more? 
Yes, Roller Pole! It’s the world’s first training program for pole dancers on quad roller skates created by Natalie T from Pure Pole Academy in Brisbane and myself. There are soo may ways to glide around the pole, conditioning exercises, fun routines and it’s great training for aerial tricks. It’s like having weights on your feet, but way more fun!
Where did this idea evolve from and how did you come to be aware of it?
We both already skate and pole professionally, so we got together to create it. In shows, there have been a few polers to perform on skates in the past, for myself, it just evolved over time. I did it once and it got an amazing response, so now most of my performances in events and variety shows are Roller Pole. I became much stronger a lot quicker and discovered a heap of new skills I could do, so decided it would be amazing to teach and would be something really fun for polers, skaters or anyone to try really.
What would the average class involving skate entail? 
Email us to find out  😉 … [email protected]
Tell us why Kylie J pole is the most wonderful and unique way to get fit coming into summer? 
Easy! Pole has all the benefits of group fitness, but takes you on an individual journey full of challenges, it boosts your confidence, it’s creative, super effective AND it’s extremely good for you!
Where: 126A Ryrie St, Geelong
Contact: [email protected]