Kristy Coote: Favourite Thing

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Kristy Coote: Favourite Thing

For over a decade, Australia’s own Kristy Coote has been churning out consistently good guitar-pop songs, but her latest effort, Favourite Thing, has really turned up the heat.

Opening with the breezy title track, the song floats by, creating a pleasant atmosphere for the remainder of the album to occupy. ‘Free Wind’ combines intense drums with an angelic combination of vocals and piano, contrasting with the previous song to establish it as a standout track on the album.

Coote calls upon her inner strength in ‘Superpower’, an ode to her strong will. She cries “I won’t give in” across the chorus, an example of the power she enforces over me with this album. It’s a strong, guitar-driven pop album that addresses the power of human emotions. Influences such as Alanis Morissette and Sheryl Crow are apparently throughout the album, with Coote’s voice shifting from powerful to delicate to suit the wide variety of tracks on the release. ‘Crazy’ and ‘Garbage Man’ bop passed at the tail-end and ensure the album finishes on the same high it began with. Favourite Thing is an undeniable expression of strength from an artist that continues to shine.

Reviewed by Jack Cherry