Kissed or cursed… the Andy Irons story.

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Kissed or cursed… the Andy Irons story.

ANDY IRONS: KISSED BY GOD is one of the most highly anticipated surf films in years.
We all know about Andy Irons, three times world surfing champion, two times Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach winner, fierce rival to Kelly Slater and one of the most talented surfers of the past 30 years.
It didn’t matter how small or how big the surf was. Andy irons could rip in both. He brought to the competitive surfing arena skill, talent and a desire to win eclipsed by few others. His battles with Kelly Slater in surf contests around the world were epic as they fought for waves, trophies and world titles.
Andy Irons life came to an abrupt halt on November 2, 2010 when he was found dead in a motel room near Dallas Texas. He had bailed from a surf contest in Puerto Rico a few days earlier and twice attempted to fly back to Hawaii but was too sick. The coroner found a cocktail of drugs in his blood and stomach that were the cause of death.
The surfing world went into shock and mourning. Irons was aged 32 at the time of his death and at the top of his surfing game. What many people weren’t aware of was his constant battle with bipolar disorder and opioid addiction. Two demons that rocked his world too many times.

The story of Andy Irons has now been told in the surf documentary ANDY IRONS: KISSED BY GOD. Produced by Hollywood star (and keen surfer) Chris Hemsworth, the film tells the story of Irons from hot grommet on the North Shore of Hawaii to world surfing champion and one of the most feared surfing competitors on the planet.
Featuring interviews with Kelly Slater, Joel Parkinson, Sunny Garcia and many others it provides a rare glimpse behind the scenes of professional surfing, the highs and the lows and everything else in between. Moments that were magnified by Irons mental health issues.
If you get a chance, check out this film. Surf documentaries have evolved enormously over the last decade from hard and fast punk music and editing to thought provoking works of visual art that explore the people and places that make up surf culture around the world.
ANDY IRONS: KISSED BY GOD is one surf documentary worth having/seeing. Check it out now on iTunes and all of the usual surf/sport download sites.
Even better catch it on the big screen if it comes to a cinema near you.