Kingswood: After Hours, Close To Dawn

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Kingswood: After Hours, Close To Dawn

Kingswood are no strangers to making sweet arse rock n’ roll. Everyone remembers their absolute ball tearer of a song ‘Ohio’ right? Well they are back with their second album After Hours, Close To Dawn and it’s a big evolution in their sound. ‘Looking For Love’ sounds halfway between The Band and Queen with a little bit of piano glitter from Elton John thrown in for good measure.

‘Creepin’ kicks off and it’s easy to see that this second album from the Melbourne rockers in a big step in their songwriting prowess. Vocals by Fergus Linacre sounds at times influenced by Otis Redding and Leon Bridges. On this album, Kingswood have gone a little bit bluesy but I think that it definitely works.

Having opened for rock legends AC/DC the notion of a stadium sing-alongs isn’t foreign to the ‘Wood and so I can just imagine packed venues getting amongst tracks like ‘Looking For Love’ and ‘Golden’. Bass riffs that make you wanna hit the dance floor, After Hours, Close To Dawn is an album that showcases a band on the rise. It may have taken 67 takes to get some of the tracks on this record right, but it’s worth it. The groove in the closing of ‘Rebel Babe’, makes this album one of my favourites of 2017.

4/5 Stars
Dew Process
Reviewed by Tex Miller