Kings Of Cough Syrup: Self-titled EP

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Kings Of Cough Syrup: Self-titled EP

Slow enigmatic keyboard compliments the clean vocal delivery on ‘Brittle’, the opening track from the debut EP release for Kings of Cough Syrup. The vocals from Hamish are somewhat anthemic and are complemented by strange drum loops and a bass line that will slowly worm its way into your mind. There is an honest up front approach to these arrangements and as a duo, these songs shine brightly. It therefore means that it’s easily accessible and able to be listened to front to back.

The opening of ‘Florence’ reminds me of an American indie rock band called The Antlers. Soft almost cinematic arrangements of synthesisers and vocals make this a glimmering pop song that is a little sad around the edges. Nick and Hamish have known each other since they were children and this is the fruits of many years’ labour. It’s definitely paid off though and over the course of these five tracks, you as the listener are transported into a world of edgy pianos and delicate vocals.

There are many different sonic landscapes encapsulated through the debut EP from the Kings of Cough Syrup and if your looking for something that pushes the conventional boundaries of indie pop, then this is it.

Rubber Records
Reviewed by Tex Miller