King Parrot: Ugly Produce

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King Parrot: Ugly Produce

Melbourne-based extreme thrashers, King Parrot, have seriously upped the ante with their third full length release ‘Ugly Produce.’ Delivering 10 tracks of pure grotesque aggression within 27 minutes, it’s fair to say that King Parrot’s ferocity has not gone astray.

Tracks such as ‘Die Before You Die’ provide heavy thrash riffs while ‘Ten Pounds Of Shit in a Five Pound Bag’ delivers the fatal punch of King Parrot’s unique barbarity that fans have grown to love over their last two LP’s. With songs such as ‘Now It Strokes Frenzy’ incorporating musicality reminiscent to black metal, Ugly Produce highlights the capabilities of King Parrot’s versatility, proving yet again how hard it is to label them any specific genre. Another really impressive feature of Ugly Produce is King Parrot’s ability to seamlessly alter tempo within a song, as seen with the songs such as ‘Piss Wreck’ and ‘Numb Skull’.

Constantly providing alterations to riffs and style really helps to maintain momentum throughout the album, while also constantly providing something new within each song; it’s never what you expect is going to come next, but you’re never disappointed. Soaked with sarcasm and frustration, Ugly Produce is truly an accomplishment for King Parrot, who have managed to perfectly expand on their already loved sound whilst delivering a clear breath of something new.

Housecore Records
Reviewed by Alex Callan