King Of The North: Get Out Of Your World

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King Of The North: Get Out Of Your World

When you hear that a band uses one guitar to create the sound of three, you know they’re worth investigating. King Of The North is a two-piece band, featuring guitar, vocals, and drums, but in this band, the guitarist Andrew Higgs plays lead, rhythm, and bass – all at once. Their third album, Get Out Of Your World, is a rock bass jam akin to Wolfmother, with a powerfully insistent tone.

The album launches straight into its classic rock style with ‘Rise’, setting the tone with a call to action and guitar riffs that build tension throughout the song. The single ‘Burn’ features Lucius Borich from Cog on drums, a move which led many to believe that he would be taking over as drummer (a role actually filled by Steve Tyssen). ‘Down To The Devil’ features a subdued intro that packs major punch, with vocals that notably compliment the heavy guitar.

Get Out Of Your World is an album that features a recurring theme of struggle and hardship, but without seeming to wallow or despair. It’s fast-paced without being frenzied, rather coming across as precise and expressive. It closes off with a tribute to one of the band’s idols: Jimi Hendrix. Their version of ‘Manic Depression’ shows their classic rock roots, but still fits neatly with the somewhat heavier style of the album overall.

Reviewed by Madeline Browney