King of the North

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King of the North

After powering through 12 new songs since the New Year, Andrew “Higgsy” Higgs took some time away from songwriting to answer this here Forte questionnaire, oh, and tell us how good the Australian audience is.

Hi guys, thanks for taking the time to chat to Forte. How are you and what are you up to at the moment?

Good thanks, it’s been great having a rest off the road over xmas and new year. I chilled for a few weeks and now have been locking myself in a dark room writing songs.

Last tour you blogged each day to let your fans know what was happening on the road. Is there anything that’s off limits when it comes to writing them? 

Of course, then no one will by my autobiography in 20 years entitled; “What Really Happened”.

We read about the funny song choice during opp prep in the hospital, and naturally it’s always fun playing pranks on each other. What’s the best prank you’ve done over the years? 

Yeah that was a ripper, I even laughed reading that question. For the readers that don’t know, Danny was being shaved for appendix surgery by a guy and I began playing ‘Let’s Stay Together’ by Al Green in the background. I was dying, Danny said it hurt to laugh and the male nurse said it was not nice – albeit with a massive grin. There are some others but off the top of my head, this takes the cake.

You’ll soon be heading down to Beechworth, which is a regional festival loved by many. Have you ever been able to enjoy the event as an attendee?

No we haven’t, we’ve played in Beechworth at the awesome Tanswells Pub many times, so we’re looking forward to a rip-snorter!!

Speaking of festivals you played your first ever UK festival in November, how was the atmosphere and is there much difference to Australian festivals? 

Yeah it was really cool. We played a few festivals in France, Switzerland and in Corsica too. To be honest even the different euro countries crowds vary from one another. The French LOVE getting photos with you. Like to the point where you can’t walk through the crowd without it taking 10 extra minutes. The English have great enthusiasm, it’s the home of so much awesome music and you can understand them and they understand you so that’s really cool. We really like Aussie crowds and in particular the rural crowds because they are no bullshit. They’ll tell you what they think and if they like it they get into it, even despite if they “look cool” etc. There’s no pretentious shit.

You’ve been taking time off to do some songwriting. Do you have to be in any sort of environment or mindset when you’re piecing together new tracks? 

Nothing is secret these days is it? Haha. Yeah, it’s going really well thanks. Nah I just get into my little studio room I have at home and do it. It all happens there, just because all the gear is one spot it’s more of a logistical thing than anything else. I don’t sit on a jetty watching the sunset or full moon with an acoustic “waiting to be inspired”. I reckon it’s real easy to over think things and be too serious about song writing. When you’re creating anything it has to flow, you know. I just sit down and start riffing away on my guitar. If you’ve got a good riff you’re halfway there I reckon!

You’re planning to release a new full length studio album this year. How is it all coming along? 

We sure are. As mentioned before it’s still in the song construction stage but yeah, it’s going really well thanks. I like to keep things simple when it comes to the song writing, once you get rolling they sort of write themselves if you listen and wait for it. It happens fairly quickly like this. It did on our first album too, I wrote half of Sound The Underground in a couple of weeks. The same is happening now thankfully. To date I’ve written about 12 new tunes since Jan 1st and I’m bloody stoked with how they’re shaping up. There are some real belters in there. I’m going for about 15/16. Next step is to start rehearsing them with Danny to get the drums in and sharpen the arrangements and then choose the “best” 10 or so to record. Boom. Record No.2.

When & Where: Beechworth Music Festival, Beechworth – January 23