King Gizzard’s Gizzfest to return for 2017

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King Gizzard’s Gizzfest to return for 2017

Springing the surprise of all surprises, King Gizzard & The Lizard just unveiled the return of Gizzfest with a cheeky Facebook post.

Because releasing five albums and touring the world in 2017 just isn’t enough, the psych visionaries will indulge once again in their raucous one-night extravaganza.

A product of sheer originality and refined music taste, Gizzfest has welcomed the likes of Pond, The Murlocs, Orb and Stonefield as well as international heavyweights White Fence and Mild High Club in the past.

It’s 2015 to 2016 metamorphosis soared through the stratosphere as the festival relocated ambitiously from the Corner Hotel to the Coburg Velodrome. As their music ambition and valour attests, Gizzfest 2017 will be as memorable as it is groundbreaking.

Stay tuned for more details on specific dates and lineup announcements.

Via Beat Magazine, written by Tom Parker.