King Gizz in 3D

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King Gizz in 3D

There’s hardly a person in the world that doesn’t wish they may one day be immortalised in a 3D video on YouTube. With King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard’s new clip ‘Cellophane’, they can now tick the achievement off their to-do list.
“We originally nicknamed cellophane “math” because the song is based around three dynamic sections (tight – heavy – loose – repeat) over four lyrical sections (verse – cellophane – doo – instrumental – repeat). We thought we were clever at the time but you can’t really tell anymore. We recorded it at Daptone in Brooklyn but it didn’t turn out soul either. We made the clip in 3d because we thought it would be funny. If you can’t find any 3d glasses you can just pretend,” lead singer Stu Mckennzie says.
The band are set to release their fifth album, I’m In Your Mind Fuzz, on October 31. Until then, pull out your 3D glasses and trip out to the clip below.