Kim Churchill to perform intimate outdoor gig at Hire A Kombi farm on the Bellarine

Kim Churchill to perform intimate outdoor gig at Hire A Kombi farm on the Bellarine

Award-winning folk favourite Kim Churchill is taking his brand new single on the road from March to May.

With a new album release on the horizon, nomadic storyteller Kim Churchill sets out on his biggest camper van tour yet, including a stop at the Hire A Kombi farm in Marcus Hill this weekend, on Saturday, April 9 in celebration of his sun-soaked new release ‘Fighter’.

Churchill cemented his place in our hearts eight years ago with the release of ‘Window To The Sky’ and has since grown into an emotive and poetic singer-songwriter. Staying true to his cathartic acoustic roots, ‘Fighter’ rides the waves that life throws our way and celebrates inner strength in the face of self-doubt. 

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Organic in his storytelling, Churchill’s compelling vocals are raw and honest and the track warms you with layered guitars and blues-infused soundscapes.

“As I move through my life I feel, from time to time, the inevitable doubts a person has about their path and their ability to soundly navigate life. For me, these doubts normally come in the form of me questioning my own strength and ability to handle hard and difficult times,” he says.

“’Fighter’ is a celebration of the strength I know I have and a reminder to myself and to others that we have, within us, what it takes to tackle life and its ups and downs regardless of who we are – or how gentle we like to be with our existence.”

With guitar cases packed and gigs back in swing, Churchill is capitalising on the beautiful natural environments he’s been discovering over the last several years to bring people a stunning evening blend of nature and music with his ‘Fighter’ tour.

Favouring large outdoor spaces that welcome all and are respectful of people’s desire for a bit of space in a freaked and crowded world, Churchill will be hitting outdoor amphitheatres, riverside paddocks, beachside blocks, wineries and civic gardens up until May, venturing to all corners of the country, including Western Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales.

Each lineup is a handpicked selection of artists and dear friends of Churchill with some beautiful collaborations on the cards and an array of incredible art, and many events are BYO, and all-ages.

For our local edition at the beautiful Hire A Kombi property on the Bellarine Peninsula, Kim Churchill will be joined by the amazing Steph Strings and Steve Cousins. The BYO all-ages event will kick off at 3pm on Saturday, April 9 at Hire A Kombi, Marcus Hill.

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