KG inspires and ignites positivity with new single ‘CHANGE'

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KG inspires and ignites positivity with new single ‘CHANGE'

For Canberra hip hop artist KG, his craft isn’t just about making music that pops, it is much larger than this immediate effect. With his inspired rhymes and impassioned delivery, KG is speaking up for those in his community who cannot.
An emerging voice encouraging positivity and progression on a personal level, on a societal level and on a musical tip, KG looks directly at a diversifying Australian music scene – that still has some ways to go in terms of embracing powerful young people with things to say – with confidence and a brand new message in his new single, ‘CHANGE’.

To celebrate the single, KG breaks down the most important lyrics of ‘Change’.
“Systematic oppression yo it leads to depression”
This line is basically the story of my life and alot of what POC go through. So many times racism has nearly ended me as a person. I’ve had thoughts of suicide as a teen and felt totally inadequate in a country that will always look at you as if you don’t belong unless you act a certain way. Your clothes gotta look a certain way, you gotta talk a certain way, you gotta learn how to move in a room full of white people in order to succeed. So what this line is saying is the white system can lead people of colour to depression.
“All our culture they love it, see they out trying to covet, to strip it down and maintain, all the power n fame, commercialising the game, profits rebranding the name
Tryna create their own lane and never sharing the gains
Because the systems the same, different name, same aim”

Meaning:I am taking aim at the music industry and it’s love with hip hop music just because it’s the hot or gonna just get them money rather than understanding hip hop culture and what we write about, like our struggles. The industry can be culture vulchers and don’t do anything to actually help black oppression or fight for equality.
If it’s easy, it ain’t worth it, in this life. better believe me
there’s a lot people sleazy, living greasy, it so cheesy
got no time for all these games, all these rappers are the same
spewing poison, it’s so lame, it’s a shame they so vain
you got the power to change, hope you realise one day
you’re still set in your ways but I pray for better days
and i know your underage, y’all just tryna make a name
let me show you the way to affect real change, yup

This verse is really my opinion on the current rap game, a lot of rappers sounding the same, talking about pointless things, not helping others or living by example, just in it for themselves. They have the platform with so many fans looking up to them yet they don’t use it to effect good change. I hope they do get how music can serve an actual purpose otherwise they won’t find peace.
The music industry is like that, which I try stay away from. But I’m also saying in this line – I’m not perfect either –
How can we rise above it, cause if we’re from it, we’re of it
Just living life for the profit, pay no respect and no homage
I’m not saying I’m perfect, sometimes I feel so worthless
Living a life with no purpose makes me feel like it’s not worth it, damn
See my people get three choices; a bag, box or cell
An unholy trinity, a fate worse than hell

Meaning: My people (people of colour) get three choices in life that they can easily fall into – a bag (selling drugs), box (coffin) or cell being prison. We as POC need to rise up and kill that stereotype so back to the chorus –
Ones better than none, lets make that change
Meaning: Do even one thing to change your life in a good way as it’s better than no change
Your stories not done, there’s room on the page
Meaning: everyone has the capacity and room to improve their life
Forget about the past, don’t worry about your age
Meaning: don’t give up from past failures and it’s never to late no matter how old to better your life
It’s time to be free up up and away
Meaning: set yourself free from the traps in life, be better
‘Change’ is out now.