Keeping the Southern Spirit alive: Pistol Pete’s Food n Blues celebrates 10 year milestone this March

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Keeping the Southern Spirit alive: Pistol Pete’s Food n Blues celebrates 10 year milestone this March

Credit: Patrick Callow
Words by Staff Writer

Keeping the good times rolling since 2014, Pistol Pete’s Food n Blues celebrates a decade of flavour and music.

Since its inception in 2014, Pistol Pete’s Food n Blues has been a beacon of culture and culinary delight on the unassuming Little Malop Street in Geelong. This March, the venue proudly marks its tenth year, standing tall as a revered music hub and culinary gem within Geelong’s vibrant dining scene.

Nestled in a modest 70 sq m space, Pistol Pete’s has transformed into a lively sanctuary of live music and Southern-style cuisine, affectionately known among locals simply as Pistol Pete’s.

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Reflecting on the journey, founder, chef, and blues enthusiast Pete Raimondo shares his sentiments: “It feels great, it doesn’t feel that long. It’s been a massive journey, full of some great moments. When we first opened in 2014, the street was fairly empty, so it took a while for people to know there was something new happening here. As time went on, we expanded our offerings both culinary and entertainment-wise. Our profile has grown, along with the Lt Malop St Westend precinct, with more unique businesses opening up in the strip.”


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Entering Pistol Pete’s, guests are enveloped in a distinctive Southern-style atmosphere, with a dark blue interior, vintage glass windows, wooden floors, and walls adorned with blues memorabilia and photographs from Pete’s trips to the Southern States.

Drawing inspiration from his love for blues music and Southern cuisine, Pete has curated an incredibly delicious and authentic American experience over the years. From hearty gumbo and jambalaya to towering burgers, chicken and waffles, Southern-fried chicken, and Cajun fries, the menu boasts a rich array of Southern and Louisiana delights.

Complementing the cuisine is a diverse lineup of live blues, soul, country, Americana, and jazz music, adding an electric atmosphere to the venue. Over the years, Pistol Pete’s has hosted an array of talented musicians, contributing to its vibrant atmosphere and diverse music scene. Some notable performers who have graced the stage at Pistol Pete’s including the likes of Andrea Robertson, Bill Barber, The Mojo Corner, Chris Wilson, Nathan Seeckts, Geoff Achison, Jimi Hocking, Fiona Boyes, Georgia Rodgers, Steve Boyd’s Rum Reverie, Sarah Carroll,  Checkerboard Lounge, Wayne Jury, and so many more.

These musicians, among many others, have left their mark on Pistol Pete’s, contributing to its reputation as a premier destination for live music in Geelong.

Pete attributes the enduring success of Pistol Pete’s to consistency in delivering quality food and service. “We pride ourselves on always doing our utmost to deliver quality food and service. Whether patrons are dining in or taking it home, we want them to have a great experience. The live music we offer is also another reason people enjoy coming to Pistol Pete’s. It’s an intimate venue that adds to the atmosphere.”

Resonating with both locals and tourists, Pistol Pete’s has become synonymous with authenticity and vibrancy on Little Malop Street. Pete’s passion and dedication have transformed his dream into a beloved reality, offering patrons a genuine taste of the Southern States right in the heart of Geelong. Notably, Pistol Pete’s was honoured again with their second OneMusic Excellence Award at the National Restaurant and Catering Association Awards last year, further solidifying its status as a culinary and musical destination in Geelong.

“It’s a unique venue, it’s not a “themed” or a “cliche” type of venue, it’s real and alive,” Pete adds. “You can feel it when you walk in and that comes from the belief and passion that we have for what we do. Our food is authentic Southern goodness and we have had some amazing international, national and local musicians perform here. We sure have our Mojo working!”

To commemorate this near-decade milestone, Pistol Pete’s is hosting a month-long lineup of live music. Running from 1 – 30 March, the venue will host direct from the UK, AIsha Khan with Louis King, as well as the likes of Bill Barber, Dillion James, Wayne Jury & Eddy Boyle, Cross Bones Boogie and Shannon Bourne Band, among many others. Tickets are available now for these huge milestone events.

Despite the challenges posed by lockdown measures and the Covid pandemic, Pistol Pete’s continues to adapt and innovate, finding creative ways to persevere. Pete expresses his gratitude for the resilience of his team and the unwavering support of loyal customers, highlighting their role in navigating through tough times.

Looking ahead, Pete remains committed to evolving and growing Pistol Pete’s, introducing new Southern-inspired dishes, drinks, and musical acts to offer customers an authentic taste of the South in Geelong.

As Pistol Pete’s Food n Blues embarks on its journey into the next decade, the beat goes on, and the flavours keep flowing. With its ten-year milestone firmly in the rearview mirror and a future brimming with promise, one thing remains certain: whether you’re tapping your feet to the rhythm of the blues or savouring the taste of authentic Southern cuisine, it’s always a good time at Pete’s.

Here’s to another decade of soulful melodies, mouth-watering meals, and unforgettable memories at Geelong’s very own slice of the Southern States.

Pistol Pete’s Food N Blues invites everyone to join in the celebration at 93A Little Malop Street, Geelong. Tickets to gigs are available for purchase on their website here