Keep the summer vibes coming with the new single from electro-pop powerhouse LASHES

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Keep the summer vibes coming with the new single from electro-pop powerhouse LASHES

Words by Mackenzie Pennycook

As we step into Autumn LASHES is back with her third single ‘Luv Is Blind’, a poolside anthem sure to add warmth to even the gloomiest winter day.

Ballarat based electro-pop newcomer LASHES has returned to the scene with her third single ‘Luv Is Blind’, set to be released on Thursday 4th of March.

The three-and-a-half-minute track is reminiscent of a beach party, boasting dancefloor-ready beats alongside the sweet and sincere vocals we are used to seeing from LASHES. The single delves deeper into LASHES raw and honest lyrics that are juxtaposed with the bright and bubbly beat. It’s a single that is sure to have you dancing the long winter nights away.

The bold electropop anthem was inspired by a darker time in LASHES life, with her expressing that the song is about unrequited love and the types of things you tell yourself to lessen the hurt of those feelings.

However, LASHES didn’t want the overall sound of the song to reflect these deeper and darker feelings.

“It turned into a bit of a ‘pity party’, however, I didn’t want the soundscape to reflect this,” she expressed, “Sonically I wanted it to emulate a beach party, the musical elements making light of a heavy situation which plays into the fairy tale-esque state of mind I was living in.”

The track has been passed through some stellar hands throughout the writing and production process being co-written with Northeast Party Houses Mitch Ansell. ‘Luv Is Blind’ was also produced in collaboration with mastermind producer and frequent collaborator Xavier Dunn.

LASHES tracks are weaved with sonic influences from the likes of Hermitude, Flume and The 1975, bringing a sound that is entirely her own onto the electro-pop music scene in regional Victoria, with vocal hooks that demand attention to match.

Her most recent release, ‘The Island’ was met with a stack of support from the music industry, with glowing reviews across community radio and Triple J unearthed.

LASHES has well and truly made a name for herself across the electro-pop scene, with support for ‘Luv Is Blind’ sure to come thick and fast when the single is released this Thursday.

Check out ‘Luv Is Blind’ here, and suss out some of LASHES other releases below, sure to keep you boogie-ing until her newest release.