Kee’ahn shares debut single ‘Better Things’

Kee’ahn shares debut single ‘Better Things’

Right from the opening groove, this track declares the promise of a sweet soul ride in the most appealing way.

Moments later, it’s all about the voice.

It’s clear that this 22 year old songstress is bound for an enduring presence on charts and stages, near and far.

Debut single ‘Better Things’ lands ahead of the debut album ‘In Full Bloom’ by the Gugu Yalanji, Jirrbal, Zenadth Kes song woman. Hailing from North Queensland, Kee’ahn has relocated to Kulin Nation territory (Melbourne) to emerge as a bright light and natural talent.

‘Better Things’ talks of past wounds, lost love and finding your way on distant soil. In the tradition of classic soul however, the bittersweet air invites both empathy and a celebration of resilience: ‘Cos now I’ve got to bloom, to try and get over you…’ Kee’ahn’s heartfelt, sinuous vocals convey a candid vulnerability with underlying strength.

Born to create and perform (her name means ‘ to dance, to sing, to play’), she honours her Ancestors in story, her contemporary influences in rhythm and melody. The recording was supported by Homelands, a collective of First Nations artists and specialists. It was produced by multi-skilled musician Pataphysics and features backing vocals by Kee’ahn’s father, Maxwell Lenoy.

Call it retro or neo-Soul, the effect slips an intimate arm through the listener’s, on an engaging stroll across the dancefloor.

Reviewed by Chris Lambie