Katie Noonan is bringing Joni Mitchell’s landmark album ‘Blue’ to Geelong in 2023

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Katie Noonan is bringing Joni Mitchell’s landmark album ‘Blue’ to Geelong in 2023

Credit: Cybele Malinowski

Celebrated Queensland artist Katie Noonan will be presenting Joni Mitchell’s Blue accompanied by guitar virtuoso Ben Hauptmann.

If you grew up in Geelong, you’ve heard of the Palais. Just up the hill from the stadium, this heart and soul of Geelong culture has been a world-class dance hall, a cinema, a bingo centre, and a music venue for iconic Australian artists such as INXS, Cold Chisel and John Farnham.

Now, Palais Geelong welcomes audiences from Geelong, Surf Coast, Bellarine and beyond to experience once again the best that the Australian and international music scene has to offer.

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2022 saw sensational sell-out shows from classic rock legends Goanna, country royalty Adam Harvey and Beccy Cole, the best of world music from Sudan’s “King of Music” Gordon Koang, and Australia’s most popular independent artist Lior. Palais Geelong smashes the beginning of its 2023 calendar out of the park with an intimate performance by one of the greatest Australian singers of all time, Katie Noonan.

Over the past 20 years, five-time ARIA award-winning artist Katie Noonan has proven herself one of Australia’s most hardworking, versatile and prolific artists. Accompanied by guitar virtuoso Ben Hauptmann, Katie will be presenting Joni Mitchell’s Blue this January.

“Blue is an album that unequivocally changed my life. From a compositional, lyrical and vocal performance point of view it has inspired me deeply,” says Katie Noonan.

“I love that the album was gifted to me from another female artist, and it is an album I regularly recommend to up-and-coming female artists also. Joni’s artistry and music genius is unparalleled, and I absolutely love singing her songs,” says Katie Noonan.

Sure to please not only Joni Mitchell fans but lovers of music and poetry alike, this concert will be a spine-tingling evening you won’t want to miss. Watch this space – Palais Geelong is back, bigger and brighter than ever!

See Katie Noonan at The Palais Geelong on Saturday, January 7 2023. Purchase tickets here