Kate Ceberano, Steve Kilbey & Sean Sennett reveal The Dangerous Age

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Kate Ceberano, Steve Kilbey & Sean Sennett reveal The Dangerous Age

What happens when you combine the iconic musical talent of Songwriters Hall of Fame inductee Kate Ceberano, The Church’s Steve Kilbey and industry all-rounder Sean Sennett? Pure magic! No surprise really. What is surprising though is the sonic landscape that they dwell in for The Dangerous Age.

The Dangerous Age is a blend of each artist’s personalities and stylistic backgrounds. Glimmers of the seductive cabaret Ceberano centre ‘The Losing Game’, ‘My Restless Heart’ and ‘Whatever Happened To Steven Valentine’, and her bold rocker side appears on ‘Not The Loving Kind’. With undeniably the biggest female voice in Australia, the trio opted to hold the reins on the powerhouse to capture the delicacy of the storytelling for the most part so when Ceberano is let loose the jet-fuel projection punctures your chest. Give ‘All Tied Up’ and brace for impact.

Kilbey’s theatrical and haunting soars are notable on the title track and ‘Girl On The Highwire’ while Sennett country twangs are unmistakable on ‘Shot From Memory’. Different background aside, the trio mould into one another like wet concrete, but the chemistry sets them into solid gold.

The most surprising element of The Dangerous Age is that Ceberano and Kilbey never once stepped foot in a room together. Could have fooled us!

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Reviewed By Tammy Walters