Karen From Finance’s Fabulously Frugal Tips on How to Live a Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

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Karen From Finance’s Fabulously Frugal Tips on How to Live a Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

Australia’s savviest drag queen drags the supermarkets amidst cost of living crunch.

Budget and frugal are often considered ‘dirty’ words. But in this day and age, it’s smart to be sensible – without compromising on the things you love, like delicious food.

One of the biggest cost of living pressures currently facing Aussies is the weekly supermarket shop. New research from HelloFresh reveals 78 percent of Aussies want their grocery shop to be cheaper, without compromising on quality.

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Australia’s favourite fabulously frugal corporate drag queen and RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under S1 Finalist, Karen From Finance, is giving readers the leg up with her brilliant tips and tricks to saving, without compromising on what you love. 

Get frugal with your face

If anyone knows how exxy it can be to put on your face – it’s me. But looking this fabulous doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, if you’re savvy with your beauty routine. Wear a primer so you can use less foundation, try making your own face masks, and pop any broken palettes into an empty container instead of binning them. Plus, lots of cosmetic brands offer a cheeky discount if you swap in recycled makeup packaging. A win for your wallet, and the planet! 

Find those fabulous food bargains

Blowing a week’s wages on iceberg lettuce? No thank you. Stressing about whether you can swap out of stock coriander for parsley? Absolutely not. Life is for living, not for aimlessly wandering the supermarket aisles and watching your bank balance disappear. Ditch the trolley for a meal-kit service like HelloFresh, which delivers everything you need for a fabulous dinner at home. The best part is it can save you up to 24% on dinner, compared to shopping at the supermarket. You’ll eat fabulously for less, save on food waste, and have more time, money and energy for the things you love – like sipping a cosmo on the couch.   

Go off grid with your hobbies

As the cost of living increases and bills continue to rise, make an extra effort to switch off the lights and make like our ancestors. Give the TV the flick and pick up a book. Enjoy the ambience of a candlelit night in for one. Get your green thumbs out and plant a veggie garden. Switching off the tech isn’t just good for the purse strings, but does wonders for both the planet and your mind. 

Get physical in your backyard

We all love to feel fab and healthy, but gym memberships and all those supplements can cost a fortune, and tie you up in contracts with no way out. Instead of letting your pennies run away on the treadmill, make the most of nature’s workout, while cutting back on the pricey gym shakes. Save even more by cooking up a healthy, nutritious meal at home. Then, get your sweat on outside. No dumbbells? No problem. Pick up a rock! No bench-press? No bother! Dust off those cookbooks and put them to good use!

Holiday at home

Sure, a shopping spree in Paris sounds nice, and a summer vacation in Barcelona might be calling, but why waste all that time and money (and not to mention the emissions!) when you can holiday at home. Pitch a tent in the living room. Sing kumbaya with Alexa. Cook up a different cuisine with the help of HelloFresh’s Taste Tour recipes which transport your taste buds all over the world. Wherever you choose to go (or stay), make savvy choices when planning your trip so you can enjoy the vacay (or staycay) you deserve. 

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