Jungal: Leave My Head

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Jungal: Leave My Head

Grew up in regional Victoria. Rehearsed in a big shed. Line-up features siblings of the female variety. Natural harmonies influenced by cranking rock from the ’60s and ’70s. Embraced by major off-shore festivals… I suspect this local rock/roots trio would be happy to never hear the name ‘Stonefield’ ever again.
Although they’re probably fans of the four Findlay sisters, Jungal may tire of inevitable comparisons between the two bands. Does this challenge arise for all-male groups whose members originate from the same urban base and play within similar genres? I think not. But if the gritty grounding of their playing and writing is any indication, Jungal will thrive on their own merits regardless.
Jungal are lead vocalist Leisha Jungalwalla (guitar, slide guitar), Victoria Beard (bass vocals) and Jessie Jungalwalla (drums, percussion, vocals). Leave My Head is their second full-length album following 2010’s This Crooked Track. This one was recorded in Melbourne with Fraser Montgomery (The Cat Empire, Bonjah, Nicky Bomba) co-producing. Guests contribute extra vocals; Montgomery also keys and guitar. Each of the three core members anchors various tracks, with either scorching guitar, authoritative pipes or a blitz of bass and beats.
The songs are big, bold and energetic. Extensive touring across Canada inspired stories full of the crazy, the creepy and the unpredictable. First single ‘Wolf’ is one such. Soul, pop, blues and metal are evident, but not in a ‘sounds of yesteryear’ way.
Fans of Hole, Heart, Tegan & Sara, Stonefield (yeah yeah, I know) or even blokey equivalents will get a major kick out of this bunch of tracks.
Release: out now via indepdent release
Written by Chris Lambie