Jump in for a high-octane street performance

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Jump in for a high-octane street performance

For a night of thrills, chills and excitement, look no further than ‘Jump First, Ask Later’, a show heading to GPAC that fuses parkour, acrobatics and dance for a high-octane performance like no other.

You’ll be at the edge of your seat wowing amidst the smoke, bright lights and daring tricks from movement-based team, ‘Dauntless Movement Crew’, directed by acclaimed choreographer Byron Perry.

This multi award-winning production tells the stories of six young champions of underground parkour and street style community.
Geelong Performing Arts Centre CEO Joel McGuinness is thrilled to bring this “exciting and fast-paced show” to Geelong. “Dauntless Movement Crew are just incredible performers and the show’s themes will really resonate with young people and their families,” he said.

DMC is a real-life B-boy collective that began training on and around the buildings of Sydney arts company PYT Fairfield several years ago. The performers are all aged 18 to 26 and have trained in parkour, acrobatics, martial arts, tricking and street dance.

They now earn their living primarily through teaching parkour skills, corporate performances and video recordings,
Jump First, Ask Later tells audiences of performers’ individual journeys, their personal challenges and triumphs, and how each came to be involved in this ‘street-meets-sport-meets-art’ life.

Movement has indeed become a way of life for them, as one of the performers tells us in the show. Parkour may be perceived as an extreme sport for the urban streets, but at its heart, parkour is about a creative mindset. A notion that obstacles encountered shouldn’t be avoided, but rather deliberately engaged with to help you find your path – to ‘jump first, ask questions later’.

See Jump First, Ask Later at Geelong Performing Arts on Tuesday 28th May at 7pm. Tickets are $20 for students and $35 for adults. Book at Box Office on 52251200 or gpac.org.au