Julian James: Silver Spade

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Julian James: Silver Spade

If you’re among blues fans and you haven’t heard of Julian James, that will soon change with his upcoming record – Silver Spade.

Oozing with charm and soul similar to blues legend Robert Johnson, matched with the warm instrumental delivery akin to the iconic Lemon Jefferson, Silver Spade is a carefully and painstakingly crafted blues record that is rooted in the classics and yet still establishes itself as a premier modern blues release.

The record opens with the unique and original title track ‘Silver Spade’ and it immediately sets the high standard for a record that includes fresh takes on some classics as well as some original works that sit seamlessly among the classics.

It’s a shining example of excellent musicianship and an understanding of blues structure that you can only get from being on the road for a long time. Silver Spade is a strong indication that a younger generation artist (Julian is in his 20’s) can deliver a top-tier blues record that can run with the best.

Rhythm Section
Reviewed by Josh Dowling