Julian Assange to appear live via video link in Melbourne show

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Julian Assange to appear live via video link in Melbourne show

Internet activist Julian Assange will appear live via video link at the Melbourne Town Hall in a rare opportunity for a real time interview and Q&A.

No More Secrets, No More Lies: Julian Assange will dive headfirst into Assange’s controversial history since founding WikiLeaks in 2006, releasing secret dossiers and classified information to the public in a divisive push for global transparency.

It all reached a crescendo with the 2010 release of the Iraq War Logs. Charged with serious crimes by Swedish authorities, Assange applied to Ecuador for political asylum and has been living in its London embassy since 2012.

More recently, Assange took aim at Hillary Clinton during the US Presidential Election with the release of thousands of documents leaked from the Democratic National Committee, garnering him a pro-Trump stigma in social and political circles.

Journalistic champion, or information terrorist? Hear the man himself, opening himself up to scrutiny and explanation as he challenges audiences from all political leanings to take serious consideration of journalistic freedoms and the implications of a silenced media.

Earlier this year he took to the Bendigo Writers Festival via videolink to discuss WikiLeaks creation and his future.

It’s all going down at Melbourne Town Hall on Sunday February 19. Tickets via Think Inc.