Julia Jacklin: Crushing

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Julia Jacklin: Crushing

Julia Jacklin absolutely crushes it with her second album.

Produced by Burke Reid (Courtney Barnett, The Drones), ‘Crushing’ focuses on minimalism and exemplifying the textures of sounds. Every breath, every quiver of Jacklins’ honey voice is clear and crisp, every tap of the high-hat rings out, every shift of finger positioning on the guitar etches a realness into the record. ‘Body’ leads the lineup, with Jacklin’s quaking vocal lines sitting beautifully atop of a drowsy 4/4 drum beat, highlighting the stunning lyric, “I guess it’s just my life and it’s just my body”. Single ‘Head Alone’ follows with indie grooves leading into the bubbly ‘Pressure To Party’, a standout from the album as we get a glimpse of Jacklin’s gurgling country twang. ‘Don’t Know How To Keep Loving You’, ‘When The Family Flies In’ and ‘Convention’ are vulnerable and pure, the real heart of Crushing.

‘Good Guy’ needs to be listened to in complete silence to really breathe in the beauty, from each purposeful chord, the heights of Jacklin’s falsetto and the effortless harmonisation. ‘You Were Right’ turns the dial up again with its punchy chorus and bridge builds. Turn up the near 6 minute ‘Turn Me Down’. This song is a showcase of Jacklins range and vocal abilities. ‘Crushing’ finishes on the comfortable ‘Comfort’, a simple track designed to insight reflection. Stunning!!

Liberation Records
Reviewed By Tammy Walters