JOY.: Ode

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JOY.: Ode

Haven’t heard of JOY? Time to rectify that, as single by single she’s slowly taking over the music world – at least it certainly feels that way. Ode is the creation of 17-year-old producer JOY, aka Olivia McCarthy, after she locked herself away for a week in May consuming lots of coffee and doughnuts and making this incredible release. Entirely made by her. Self-produced bliss. All at 17, feel unaccomplished yet?
‘About Us’ is the main track of hers that you’ll know, with her soothing vocals paired over a smooth beat and layer upon layer of synth stylings. She’s arisen from an industry where every second act seems to be a producer but she’s got a point of difference: her voice is hands down incredible. ‘Crazy For You’ is a bit more tribal sounding, slowed down until the beat drops in. What becomes clear is JOY has perfected her timing, she knows when things should happen, for how long and ends them within the millisecond that they should. That and her voice sounds like the vocal equivalent of drinking Captain Morgan, so smooth!
Reviewed by Amanda Sherring