Journey on Wadawurrung Country is the new immersive exhibition now showing at Torquay’s Grant Pavilion

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Journey on Wadawurrung Country is the new immersive exhibition now showing at Torquay’s Grant Pavilion

Words by Staff Writer

Presented by Wadawurrung Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation, the Journey on Wadawurrung Country captures the feeling of living on Wadawurrung Country.

Wadawurrung Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation have teamed up with photographer Ferne Millen and sound artist Vicki Hallett to tell the tales of Wadawurrung Country.

Journey on Wadawurrung Country, now showing at Torquay’s Grant Pavilion, explores the relationship with Country and People through visual and audio elements. The immersive sensory exhibition displays portraits, soundscapes and stories from recognised Traditional Owners of Wadawurrung Country, elevated by the sounds of the birds and water of Wadawurrung Country.

Journey on Wadawurrung Country Details

  • When: 28 May – 16 June 2024,  10AM – 3PM daily (closed 10 June public holiday)
  • Where: Upstairs at Grant Pavilion, 11 Kuwarrk Lane, Torquay
  • Cost: Free for all ages

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The sensory and immersive cultural learning experience of Journey on Wadawurrung Country offers access to the stories and lives of the Wadawurrung people. Through beautiful portraits and deeply listenings of the lived experience, knowledge and history of Wadawurrung people, the exhibition presents real stories of Wadawurrung’s most senior Elders, aged in their 90’s, who share their journey on Country. It also includes the next generation of Elders voices, sharing their experience in a multi-generational conversation.

Accompanying the storytelling display are the sounds of Wadawurrung Country as captured by sound artist, musician and field recorder Vicki Hallett, including the many sounds of the Barre Warre Yaluk (Barwon River), Parrwang (the magpie) and the sounds of the dawn rising over Wurdi Youang (the You Yangs). These places, creations and people all add to the shared living of Wadawurrung Country. Hallett will also be treating visitors to a special artist talk on Saturday 8 June from 1pm – 2pm.

Having opened on 28 May, the free exhibition will be open daily, except for the Kings Birthday public holiday on 10 June, showing until Sunday 16 June 2024. Viewers should allow an hour for the visit to ensure they are fully engrossed in the listening, learning and viewing of Journey on Wadawurrung Country.

Further information can be found here.