Josh Pyke

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Josh Pyke

I first started listening to Josh Pyke after his track ‘Lighthouse Song’ appeared in volume 16 (2008) of triple j’s annual Hottest 100 count down. I remember the song being stuck in my head for days on end and I’ve followed his music ever since. Currently, he’s on the final stretch of The Last of the Lone Wolf tour, which essentially consists of him playing solo renditions of his songs, with only himself and his guitar to keep him company. “It’s kind of like me doing a cover version of my own song in a way,” he laughs. The tour is part of the The Beginning and the End of Everything album release, but isn’t strictly limited to the songs on that album.
“This has been the best round of touring I’ve ever done, I think,” Josh tells me. He’s reassured me that we can expect to be hearing all the new stuff, as well as the classics. “Pretty much everything from my older EPs to songs from my newest album will be making an appearance.” The show is said to contain an hour and a half of acoustic solo music, but not without the help of a few loop tracks and pedals to help with the presentation and performance of the songs.
These last few regional shows will be the final chance to see Josh Pyke’s very different approach to performing these particular songs as part of The Last of the Lone Wolf tour. However, to my delight, I was let in on the news that there’s a new album on the horizon. “I think I’m pretty far in terms of writing,” Josh says. “I’ve got about twenty songs written and about five that are promising but in need of fine-tuning.”
With plans to perform with the Sydney Music Orchestra and other adventures in the mix, it’s difficult to tell exactly how far off the next album will be, but be certain that there is at least a target in sight. I was so excited when he told me that we can expect a new album in less than a year. He said that: “I’m really hoping that I’ll have an album out by maybe mid-August 2015 or somewhere around that timeframe – maybe even a little sooner.”
The main inspiration for the new album seems a little dark, circling around the idea of what happens to our digital and online information when we pass away. “Everything we do now seems to exist online,” Josh explains. “It’s almost as if we leave a part of our brains behind online when we die and it seems to be something that’s been creeping into the songs.”
With an interesting idea for an album in progress and promises of release dates, I for one can’t help but get excited for the future musical endeavours of Josh Pyke. With any luck, we might even get to hear a little preview of his new material at his last few regional shows. With only four shows of his The Last Of The Lone Wolf tour left in Victoria, I would definitely be wanting to get my hot little hands on a ticket, as it might be a little wait before we get to see him touring for an album again.
When&Where: Theatre Royal, Castlemaine – November 20, Karova Lounge, Ballarat – November 21, Barwon Club, Geelong – November 22 & The Loft, Warrnambool – November 23.
By Jessica Alves