Josh Pyke: But For All These Shrinking Hearts

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Josh Pyke: But For All These Shrinking Hearts

Instantly the opening track ‘Book of Revelations’ tells me that Josh Pyke has been exploring with a different sound. The first 30 seconds or so reminds me of a song likely to appear in the 1982 classic Blade Runner with its futuristic sounds, but don’t let that mislead you.
With Josh Pyke’s music you may often find yourself sitting alone, having a moment, contemplating your life or driving somewhere feeling overly empowered – this album is no different. A decade on from his first album Feeding The Wolves and multiple awards later,as you can imagine the pressure is on for Josh Pyke to produce an album that is unlike any other, enter But For All These Shrinking Hearts.
‘There’s a line’ starts with an urge of suspense, transitioning into recognisable guitar melodies but soon after breaks into a flurry of different instruments, not often heard in Josh Pyke’s songs, where as ‘Momentary Glow’ is drenched in warm guitar and perfectly layered vocals. ‘There’s a line line’ and ‘Momentary Glow’ were my favourite tracks on the album, duly because, although the album is full of experimental sounds and new found creativity, these songs stay true to Josh’s sound and great lyricism. I found these tracks to be reminiscent of Pyke’s older music combined with just the right amount of catchiness and chorus sing-a-long-ability.
Once again Josh Pyke’s mind has overflowed with creativity to create a record where all 11 songs on the album are individualistic, soothing and sure to captivate. With this renewed sense of creative freedom, partnered with the completion of his own backyard-recording studio, But For All These Shrinking Hearts the artist’s most polished work to date.
Out Now Via Wonderlick/Sony Music Australia
Reviewed by Jariah Travan