Jordan Bailey

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Jordan Bailey

Jordan Bailey mightn’t be a familiar name, but chances are you’ve heard him strumming at venues around the Geelong area and we’re pretty sure you’ll be hearing a lot more from the young musician. We had a chat to Jordan about his incredible music clips and his goals for the future.
Hey Jordan, how are you and what are you up to right now?
Hi there, I am very well thank you. At the moment, I am currently studying at Oxygen College of music doing an Advanced Diploma of Music. I am also a part time barman at the Batesford Hotel. Gigging wise, I am currently performing around the Brunswick area of Melbourne and as much as I can in Geelong.
For those who don’t know who you are just yet, could you give a brief description of your style?
My songs tell a story against the backdrop of a kind of energised folk music in which loops, counterpoints, rhythms and ambience all play a part.
Your clip for ‘Voices’ is cinematically really beautiful, how did you go about finding those spots to film?
Thank you, that’s really kind of you. I quite liked using the idea of the alleyway and Graffiti look in the story line to add a feeling of paranoia. Whereas in the live shot where I play guitar I intended to add a feeling of peace and contentment as I’m telling the story.
The physical locations we shot at were places myself and my good friend Peter Foster (cinematographer) have known about from living in Geelong. Fortunately we shot in places that were public locations thus not needing permission to shoot.
Was it fun to be doing a bit of acting in the clip? 
It was great fun portraying the role of somebody ‘running from themselves’  as a result of schizophrenia. Standing off the edge of a tall bridge however, was a bit daunting.
You’re also in a band called Crosstrack, how do you go about juggling the two projects? 
Sometimes I struggle to balance both acts in the sense of promoting them – as it takes time and effort to do so. Apart from that, as far as song writing goes, it’s refreshing to write in a completely different style of music to what I’m used to.
You’re still relatively new in the music scene but we’ve seen you’ve done a lot of gigging around the place, how do you think you’ve improved since those early days of playing?
Well, from my earlier days of playing in local talent competitions with little material I found gaining as much experience playing gigs, open mics and jam sessions has helped me grow as a performer and songwriter – picking up little tricks along the way. I feel it’s really important to be able to take constructive criticism and be willing to make sacrifices as I explore my songwriting techniques.
What’s the goal for you this year? 
Aside from what the course has planned – set gigs, recordings and mastering of tracks – I’m really hoping to be creating a bit of a following by performing as much as I can and creating as many music videos as I can. I have a set goal to play at least 25 gigs this year.
You actually started out playing saxophone, do you think that’s something you’ll incorporate more in future releases?
Yes, definitely. Performing live with the help of my loop station I’m able to create a musical background in my songs and then occasionally looping some soothing or sometimes haunting saxophone melodies over the top. I feel it ads something a bit extra to my set and so far it’s had some good feedback. Some of my songs in my new EP will feature the saxophone for sure!
When can we expect for your follow up EP to come out? 
My new EP Clear will be released mid-to-late September – I’m very excited. This EP is being thought through very carefully. I’m comfortable to be taking my time with it.
In your first EP it was partly a dedication to your brother, are those songs quite emotional for you to perform?
That’s true, I feel conflicted sometimes to perform it. It describes the last few moments we had with my brother in hospital. However, it was a critical moment in my life, for that reason I believe song writing should be some kind of reflection of what lies inside of me. I feel sharing those kinds of emotion (in my set) brings me closer to those I’m trying to connect with.
Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, is there anything you’d like to add? 
I’d just like to thank once again Oxygen College for their support in my passion for music, Peter Foster for all his hard work with photography and cinematography, my band Crosstrack for their consistent hard work and passion. Finally I’d like to thank Forte for this wonderful opportunity. I feel very privileged to be a part of those who have such a passion for supporting original artists.
Keep up to date with Jordan’s music through his Facebook page be sure to check out his YouTube clip too.