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On a day-to-day basis we often waste our 24 hours. Can you think of the last time you did something truly incredible? The last time you created something you were proud of? Well Courthouse Youth Arts are giving you the best chance to create in the 24-hour creation event JOLT. We had a chat to Jack Griffiths from the Courthouse on what to expect.
So first thing’s first, how will this event go down exactly?
Well, everyone is to meet at Courthouse Youth Arts (CHYA), 60 Little Malop St, at 8pm on April 10 to receive the stimulus to be able to commence the 24-hour competition. Then participants have the next 24 hours to complete a masterpiece and return it back CHYA by 8pm Saturday the 11th (we will not accept submissions after 8pm). From there the artworks will be on display at CHYA’s gallery during Youth week, and for the closing night. All films will also be shown for the final presentation for the winners of the competition.
What sparked the idea for running JOLT? 
We wanted to generate a competition around National Youth Week that would allow people’s imaginations to soar. A lot of artists procrastinate, which stops their creative juices from flowing freely. The 24-hour constraint stops this, allowing a rawer creative piece.
When the competition says ‘multi-disciplinary’ are there any limits to what entrants can and can’t do? 
No, we are willing to accept all types of art. Whether it be film, a story, sculpture, painting, photograph or even textiles, no artist is limited to one thing. If someone has an amazing idea we are happy to accept it in any form.
As the competition is 24 hours, are the entrants locked into the building or are they free to roam around to create their piece? 
Absolutely roam – go far and wide. Find interesting places that inspire you, or use a location to film. Use CHYA more as a home base, a place to come back to and regroup.
How important is it for emerging artists to get involved in something like this? 
I’d say very important. It’s not about the prize but more about the exposure to an audience as well getting use to the idea of having your work on display and then getting people from all over being able to view your idea, opinion, message or thought through your work and remember – you never know who will see your work
We saw there’s a mystery stimulus, has it been decided yet and can you give any clues to what it is?
The stimulus is in a sealed envelope in our safe, marked top secret – so it’s pretty serious stuff. I’m afraid that we can’t give anything away because of fear from our boss, but I can say this, people treasure it.
As it’s a first for Courthouse, what are your predictions for how the event will run? 
I believe that we have put enough planning and thought into the event that it will be a success and a lot of fun for the participants. I’m a little annoyed that I know what the stimulus is because I would enter it if I was allowed to.
Are there awards in place for the winners of each category? 
We are excited to say that there are prizes for each category (Visual Arts, Film and Writing). Each award will be tailored to the category and will fit the chosen discipline.
When & Where: Courthouse Youth Arts, Geelong – 8pm (sharp) April 10 with 8pm April 10 finish and exhibition to follow