Jodi Martin: The Travelling Songstress

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Jodi Martin: The Travelling Songstress

Singer-songwriter Jodi Martin is known to have one of the most soulful voices in Australian roots music. Travelling with her suitcase and guitar since she was 17 years old, Forte chat with Martin in the midst of her National Tour.

What can the audience expect from your Diesel National Tour performances?

This national tour I’m lucky to be playing with my sister Robyn, so it’s all about solid guitar, bass grooves and deluxe harmonies! In my shows I wear my heart on my sleeve – I write songs that make you feel, and I love telling stories that make you laugh!

Touring the country in your original tour van with your sister sounds like a unique, bonding experience. Why did you decide to get the van back on the road?
I feel like I’m in heaven touring with my sister Robyn again! Plenty of highway heart-to-heart chats, and enjoying trouble shooting our extra adventures together – like snapped fan belts and blown tyres! You really just have to listen to the lyrics of the new single ‘Diesel’ to understand why I got the van back on the road. After I got back from four years in Canada, I knew playing my music for people was what I wanted to do with my life. And recent tragic events, including losing my home to a fire, have further cemented that. ‘Diesel’ is all about finding a way to keep your passion on the road – and in my case, that’s literal!

What are you plans for the year ahead once the tour ends?

I’m excited about taking another surfing/songwriting break over the summer like I did last year, just play some cafe gigs in Adelaide, and put in some creative time. I’ve been so inspired to write on this tour, but I just have to jot the notes down in my journal to finish later.

Arlo Guthrie has had a large mentor role in your career. How was the experience touring and creating music with someone who inspired you so much?
Arlo is a master storyteller, and has inspired me in so many ways. It was a little bit scary sitting opposite someone I admire a lot and exposing your creative ideas – the first morning I was blank! But as we got into the flow of it, it was amazing, and we had that honesty with each other that makes creating possible and fun.

Is there a reason why you draw inspiration from the ocean, especially for your single ‘Saltwater in My Hair’.

We are so lucky in this country and be surrounded by some of the best beaches in the world! I wrote Saltwater in My Hair overseas with Arlo, just dreaming about home. And after living in the landlocked city of Montreal in Canada for four years, I absolutely craved the ocean where I grew up near Ceduna. I think that’s why there is so much sand and salt in this Saltwater album now!

Named one of Australia’s most talented singer songwriters, what advice do you have for aspiring musicians?

Focus on what you’ve got and build on that. If you start with comparisons, it all goes downhill. Music is not a competition, it’s about the soul. I always come back to the core reason why I play music – to connect with people. That keeps it meaningful and real, and motivates me through the tough times.

When & Where: Maldon Folk Festival, Maldon – October 28 – 31.

Jodi will also be performing at Suttons House of Music, Ballarat – October 2 & Cally Hotel, Warrnambool – November 6