JMS Harrison Locks in Castlemaine Show

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JMS Harrison Locks in Castlemaine Show

It was a copy of Elliott Smith’s XO that helped shape the path for songman JMS Harrison. Since then, he has been a busy man.

He likes to put together tribute shows for the likes of Bowie, The Smiths and PJ Harvey. He also performs in the bands Charm and Old Etiquettes. On top of this, he digs writing his own tunes, which you can discover on his debut solo album, Tales Surround the Lighthouse Lamp. Perhaps he also likes long walks on the beach.

Anyway, in case you’re wondering, the title of the release is a reference to a 1920s­ made lighthouse lamp that was purchased around the time he began writing songs for the album. Practical and inspirational!

The Bridge, Castlemaine – May 20.