Jay on My Shoulder

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Jay on My Shoulder

Jason “Jay” Whalley, that lovely chap that fronts Frenzal Rhomb, is set for a solo show in Ballarat this month. For those that are familiar with his recent travels, skip to the end of this blurb for the gig date. For those unfamiliar, here’s a little story about a man named Jay. You see, he had a pig parasite removed from his brain. He picked it up while on a trip to South Africa. Not the kind of thing he expected, but after displaying some unsettling symptoms (as in a seizure) he was finally diagnosed. And the most troubling thing: he was required to lose one of his dreads. There was also that time he found himself in the middle of civil unrest in Bangkok. But you know what they say about punk rockers. I don’t, but I am sure there is something said about them. The Karova, Ballarat – August 22.