Jarrod Jeremiah is bringing his unique electronic bedroom pop sound centre stage with his new single ‘Japanese Morning’

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Jarrod Jeremiah is bringing his unique electronic bedroom pop sound centre stage with his new single ‘Japanese Morning’

Photo by Taylor Yates Photography
Words by Mackenzie Pennycook

Perth based producer and singer-songwriter Jarrod Jeremiah is debuting his first single of 2021 and it's set to be one of his best yet.

Jarrod Jeremiah produces a track reminiscent of watching a sunrise or sunset. His newest release ‘Japanese Morning’ showcases shimmering instrumentals with soaring vocals to match. The immensely talented young artist is producing bop after bop with his electronic/RnB music coupled with an expansive soundscape.

‘Japanese Morning’ is unlike anything we’ve heard from Jarrod in the past, with 2020 giving him a chance to really perfect his craft, the track sees him producing a sound that is new and unique to the artist. Jarrod Jeremiah has said himself that this new track is one of his favourite record he’s released to date.

Set to be released on March 24, his newest release is symbolic of the breakdown of communication between two people and how frustrating the unpredictability of that situation can be.

Jarrod says about the track “The whole song was crafted in my bedroom studio, and produced, recorded, written and sung by myself… It was very much a DIY project that developed into a fun unusual pop track. I’ve been holding onto the song for over 3 months now, making each sound, sample and lyric perfect and think it’s the most fun, playful and catchy song I’ve ever put out.”

With influence rooted in international and local acclaimed artists like FINNEAS, Dominic Fike, Ruel and Young Franco, ‘Japanese Morning’ represents a new sound for Jarrod. combining all the bedroom pop sounds we are used to hearing, overlayed with the electronic pop influence from his favourite artists.

With prowess on seven instruments coupled with his incredible vocals, Jarrod Jeremiah is set to be gracing the electronic music scene with tracks that continue to seamlessly blend genres whilst still delivering on that bedroom pop with an electronic tinge we know and love.

With his fan base amassing over 100,000 streams on Spotify and with him also boasting an impressive 58,000 followers on TikTok, Jarrod Jeremiah is sure to delight fans with his latest release.

Pre-save ‘Japanese Morning’ here, and in the meantime suss out some of Jarrod Jeremiah’s work below sure to keep you dancing until his newest track is released on the 24th of March.