Jamie xx: In Colour

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Jamie xx: In Colour

I’m not sure if it was the intention with ‘Gosh’ but I couldn’t help but have a laugh the first few times “Oh My Gosh” came through. But aside from laughing at the choice in vocals/lyrics, the beat is well and truly there. About halfway in it morphs into something completely different with an ‘80s-esque synth taking over the track.
That seems to be the trend throughout the album, as each one ends completely different from how it started. If you don’t like the beginning, give it a few more seconds and chances are it’ll evolve into something you didn’t think possible.
Jamie xx clearly has a talent as a music producer as he can create a track and base a beat around the most unusual of sounds. Refer back to the first track if you need any evidence on that one.
While this style of music isn’t normally something I listen to, I’ll definitely be reserving a place for ‘Sleep Sound’, ‘I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)’ and ‘Girl’ – if not the whole album – on my iPod.
There’s been a lot of hype about In Colour, and that can often kill the actual product before it’s even released. Luckily for Jamie xx he’s managed to hold his own and created an album that can be taken as a whole or listened to in fragments.
Reviewed by Amanda Sherring