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Listening to Jakubi’s EP Holiday is like getting a much needed injection of summer straight into the blood stream. Opening number, and also title track, ‘Holiday’ has a bit of a John Butler Trio vibe to it and was one of the tracks to reach #1 on the HypeMachine charts, a pretty great achievement for such a new band. There’s a little bit of electronica thrown into the mix, making it that all-rounder perfect for a summer party.
The smooth vocals continue in ‘Couch Potato’ and you can’t help but bob along to their unique brand of soul infused indie-rock that they’ve become so well known for. BLANK has one of those mesmerising voices that could really convince you to do just about anything. ‘Couch Potato’ is another track that has recieved an abundance of praise, even from the likes of Perez Hilton who praised their laid back and positive vibes.
While the opening two tracks might be a bit better known, ‘Can’t Afford It All’ really deserves it time in the spotlight as well, and I’d say before ‘Holiday’ and ‘Couch Potato’. Starting with a jangly summer-esque guitar riff and warped vocals, it quickly works it’s way into a hip hop beat. Let’s face it, the lyrics are super cheesy but pretty cute, “I can’t afford it all, she’s so adorable”, so cute it should be on a Hallmark card.
As ‘Feels Like’ closes the EP you really get a sense of the unique sound that the band have developed and the essence of summer that they’ve managed to capture all within a four-track release. If you need a lift, want to dance or are just feeling damn happy, this ones worth slipping into your CD player.
Available now on Create/Control
By Amanda Sherring