Jackson Thomas

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Jackson Thomas

Jackson Thomas has had a busy 12 months since becoming runner up on The Voice last year. Having supported the likes of Ricky Martin and Robbie Williams, Thomas is now breaking out on his own with the release of his debut six track EP slated for release in October. With a gig at GPAC on August 27 as part of the Winter Solstice show, Thomas is both nervous and excited to get up in his hometown to play.
“I really want to share what I have been working really hard on over the past year and so rather than just play for 50 minutes,” Thomas says.
“I’m going to be telling a bit of a story along with the show and hope to create an intimate environment with playing just piano and singing. I want everyone to feel a part of the experience of the new show that I have created. It will be the first time that I have played some of these songs to my family and friends, so that’s a little unsettling. It’ll be a great show though, I can’t wait.”
Since starting out as a boy soprano in the Australian opera, it’s been a long journey so far in the career of Jackson Thomas. Travelling abroad and living in California for a year was just the right amount of inspiration to do something special with his music.
“I lived in Lake Tahoe and taught snowboarding for a year and being completely honest with you I listened to hip hop for a year straight. Before living abroad I had no idea of the magic of Jeff Buckley and City and Colour – they are two of the biggest influences on my music,” he says.
Throughout the course of a year, musical indulgence into a variety of different artists and genres paved the way to greatness for Thomas. Entering the Voice was, although at first a nervous experience, something that Thomas looks back on fondly.
“I would definitely recommend going on The Voice or a talent show. I know that there are some stigmas surrounding that, but I think that you need to have a plan before you go on those shows,” he says.
“If you already have stuff released digitally, that will help get your name to the masses. You can’t go in with a big ego and expect to become the biggest band in Australia, but it’s great for artist development and as I am sure you are already aware, you have to make the most of every opportunity.”
Having the opportunity to support the likes of Robbie Williams and Voice mentor Ricky Martin, has allowed Thomas to play to thousands of people in big arenas. The WNTR Cabaret show at GPAC can be likened to the Beatles Christmas show at the Sydney Opera House late last year.
“I was lucky enough to pay tribute to The Beatles alongside Darren Percival, Ciaran Gribbin and Irwin Thomas. To date, that is one of my bucketlist gigs. Sold out at the Opera House paying tribute to one of the greatest bands ever. It was a huge learning experience and something I’ll never forget,” Thomas beams.
With the EP due for release in October make sure you catch this show because Thomas is becoming a rising star in the Australian music scene, and who knows when he’ll be back in Geelong again.
When & Where: GPAC, Geelong – August 27
Written by Tex Miller