Jack River has released a ‘Sugar Mountain’ 1000-piece puzzle

Jack River has released a ‘Sugar Mountain’ 1000-piece puzzle

From our childhood rainy days to nights when the power goes out, puzzles have always been there – and now they’re truly having their moment.

Offering a welcome distraction to many in isolation over the past few weeks, puzzles have become the perfect solution to keep our hands busy and our minds sharp. From The Golden Girls 1,000 Piece Puzzle and the Hogwarts Astronomy Tower 3D Puzzle, to the Areaware Gradient Puzzle and the impossible clear jigsaw puzzle, there’s a puzzle for absolutely everybody – and now there’s even one for the Aussie music lovers amongst us.

Fans of the laid back, psych-tinged electropop stylings of Jack River (real name Holly Rankin) will be stoked to see that you can get your hands on a ‘Sugar Mountain’ puzzle, available in 120-pieces and 1000-pieces.

The puzzle depicts the cover arts of the NSW-based singer/songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist’s 2018 debut album, Sugar Mountain, which reached #11 on the ARIA charts which spawned hit singles, ‘Fool’s Gold’, ‘Fault Line’, ‘Ballroom’, ‘Confess’ and ‘Limo Song’ and had critics and music fans swooning, dancing and hanging onto every lyric.

As one of 2018’s most inspiring pop records, this Sugar Mountain puzzle is a must for any music lover.

You can purchase the puzzle via Sound Merch or MerchBar.