Jack Ladder – ‘Tall Pop Syndrome’ Tour

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Jack Ladder – ‘Tall Pop Syndrome’ Tour

Brobdingnagian, noir-adjacent Australian singer-songwriter Jack Ladder announces his Australian tour this August to launch the upcoming 7th full length album Tall Pop Syndrome, which is out via Endless Recording on July 14th.

Seeking to disrupt the invasion of AI, and dethrone the rule of the algorithm, Jack Ladder has made the most heartfelt and human record with digital tools. Rather than cutting himself down in the tradition of ‘tall poppy syndrome’, the tallest man in music is cutting to the chase, getting to the core of human emotion in 3 minutes.

“I thought I’ll take the strongest songs I’ve written and record them using the latest software synths. The synth will operate like finger picking on a guitar. What if Springsteen made Nebraska with a MIDI controller or Leonard Cohen’s “I’m Your Man” was produced by Kraftwerk? And what if I do it all myself…”

Enlisting Kim Moyes of The Presets to oversee the final capture, Tall Pop Syndrome is heavy with synthetic texture, pulsation and atmosphere but defined by a new perspective. A reaction to the introverted and reflective nature of his former record, Hijack!, here, Ladder puts the audience front and centre, giving them an insight into the human condition with poignant minimalism.

After road testing this minimalist manoeuvre in stadiums with The Killers at the end of 2022, Ladder now brings it to more intimate spaces, playing choices from this latest work, along with favourites from the Ladder cannon.