Ivan Ooze Locks in Ballarat Show

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Ivan Ooze Locks in Ballarat Show

On his birth certificate you’ll find the name Ben Townsend, but it is as Ivan Ooze where the real fun begins. As you may know, Ivan takes his name from a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers character. He gets credits in the bank for that alone, but the reality is the emcee can’t seem to put a foot wrong at the moment.

Things heated up when he joined Seth Sentry on his 45-date tour. Landing the support for the Wu-Tang Clan was pretty cool, too. He also recently signed with Native Tongue. On top of all this, there is his recently dropped ’93 KFC Rotisserie GOLD. The Karova, Ballarat – May 27. Those with tickets for Bendigo’s Groovin the Moo will be able to catch him there as well.