It’s officially been 30 years since ‘Round The Twist’ first broadcast in Australia

It’s officially been 30 years since ‘Round The Twist’ first broadcast in Australia

To celebrate, you can watch every episode on YouTube for free.

Have you ever, ever felt this old?

Any kid who grew up in the 90s probably remembers watching Round The Twist as part of their regular TV routine.

It was the heralded Australian adolescent TV show that celebrated classic Aussie upbringings and wasn’t afraid to push the boundaries of broadcasting… and this month, the fantasy program celebrates 30 years since first being broadcast in Australia in August 1990.

Spanning 52 episodes across four seasons over 11 years, the show followed the story of three children and their widowed father who live in a lighthouse in the fictional coastal town of Port Niranda, adapted from the writing of beloved Aussie author Paul Jennings.

With an opening theme song that has become a time-honoured nostalgic gem, there were more weird moments in Round The Twist than not, but that’s how it stood out from the crowd. The weirdities were often subtle but so effective, igniting short circuits of laughter that stemmed from its unfathomably. The kids were gross and little Bronson could never tame his imagination. His character in itself encapsulated the imaginative child growing up in a peculiar neighbourhood.

Over the last 30 years, it’s rare you ever see a re-run of Round The Twist on TV but thanks to some legend at the Australian Children’s Television Foundation (ACTF), you can now watch full-length episodes of Round The Twist on YouTube, via their Twisted Lunchbox YouTube channel.

There’s literally days’ worth of binge-watching fun to be had with the Twist gang, their haunted lighthouse, The Viking Book of Love, and magic undies… the show really had it all.

Dive into season 1, episode 1 here:

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