It’s official: Karen’s Diner ‘The Home of Great Burgers & Rude Service’ to open in Geelong in 2023

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It’s official: Karen’s Diner ‘The Home of Great Burgers & Rude Service’ to open in Geelong in 2023

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It's official, Karen's Diner is coming to Geelong in January.

After months of speculation, it’s been confirmed that Karen’s Diner is coming to Malop Street in Geelong in January 2023!

The diner which is the home of ‘great burgers and rude service’ currently has multiple stores across Australia and the UK, including Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, and this will mark Karen’s very first regional Victoria diner, with two diners currently open on Lygon Street and Forest Hill Melbourne.

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Created by Viral Ventures Co-Founders and Directors Aden Levin and James Farrell, the 1950s-style US diner is where the food is great and the service ungrateful but your experience will be unforgettable. Customers come to Karen’s expecting plenty of sass, great food and a sprinkle of bad attitude.

However, don’t come expecting special treatment at this diner because it’s all about Karen, and she won’t be taking any of your nonsense! Come have some fun and wind the staff up to unleash your inner Karen and see their full Karen potential.

A full menu is available and includes a range of Karen’s burgers, loaded fries, sweet treats, thick shakes and, of course, a Karen inspired cocktail menu. There is even some Karen’s merch on offer! Vegetarians, vegans and non alcoholics will all be catered for but don’t expect Karen to be happy about it.

Australia’s intentionally rude restaurant, Karen’s Diner, is coming to Geelong

“Hilarious immersive dining experience!! Top drawer fun served with a tasty menu side & extra fiesty toppings. If you want hangry sass, Karen’s is the go,” a recent review read.

As part of the announcement, Karen’s Diner have also reminded customers of some house rules to ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience – staff and customers. As such, no racism, sexism, homophobic comments, body image comments and ableist comments will be tolerated, and there’s certainly no touching of staff allowed or sexual remarks towards staff. Those who break the rules will be asked to pay and leave and then banned from the restaurant.

So, play nice kids.

The precise venue on Malop Street is still to be announced but at least now we’ve got something concrete to look forward to.

Don’t miss out on this great food but awful service! Whatever you do, don’t ask for a refund!

Early bird tickets are now available here and, quite frankly, are highly recommended as diners typically are booked out months in advance.

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