AC/DC are back, returning with Brian Johnson, Phil Rudd and Cliff Williams

AC/DC are back, returning with Brian Johnson, Phil Rudd and Cliff Williams

It's official.

The rumour mill has been churning for several months now about the return of these veteran rock n’ rollers and now we finally have the answers we’ve been waiting for.

In a post shared to Instagram on Wednesday night, AC/DC revealed their official lineup of 2020: Angus Young on lead guitar; Brian Johnson back on lead vocals, who had to withdraw from the band’s previous tour due to hearing loss and replaced by Axl Rose; Stevie Young, nephew of Malcolm and Angus Young, on rhythm guitar; Cliff Williams back on bass guitar after retiring in 2016; and Phil Rudd, who left the band amid a string of legal issues in 2014, back on drums.

With this current lineup we see Johnson (who replaced original singer Bon Scott after his death in 1980) reunited with the group’s longest serving drummer, bass player and original lead guitarist, resulting in the closest thing possible to a classic AC/DC lineup, with Stevie taking on his uncle Malcolm’s rhythm guitar role. Talk about a dream team.

Alongside the lineup reveal, the ‘PWRUP’ theme and glowing neon red lightning bolt branding that the band have drip fed us in cryptic images this week continues, signalling perhaps the name of their new single?

Check out the post below.

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As a band who have always done things their own way, the news sent rock dogs all over the world into overdrive with many calling them the ‘saviours of 2020’ and Brian Johnson’s return the ‘best news from 2020’.

Their last (and sixteenth) studio release ‘Rock or Bust’ dropped back in 2014, and news of AC/DC’s reunion with Johnson and Rudd began circulating back in 2018 when the pair were spotted outside of Warehouse Studios in Vancouver, where the band have bunkered down to record their last three albums.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more news soon.