It’s Lime Cordiale that Melbourne like best

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It’s Lime Cordiale that Melbourne like best

In the middle of the week, Lime Cordiale decided to grace The Corner Hotel in Richmond with another fantastic live act. Even with the presence of exams looming, the show was fully sold-out, and everyone was there to relax and put their worries aside for the night.

Opening for Lime Cordiale was the eccentric and talkative Approachable Members Of Your Local Community, coming from St Kilda with funky matching Adidas kicks and delivering indie-pop with a side of groove. Their charisma and upbeat tunes were infectious and set the crowd up for a boogie-filled night.

When Lime Cordiale came on to deliver their ‘Robbery Tour’, the crowd was ready. The stage went dark before it lit up in an array of jewel reds and blues – and they were on stage, kicking off their performance with the classic ‘Naturally’. From there it snowballed, with the band playing top hits like ‘Waking Up Easy’, ‘Inappropriate Behaviour’ – and of course, their triple j Like A Version: ‘I Touch Myself’, which proved especially popular with the crowd. Interspacing the songs were playful instrumentals, with energetic drum, guitar and trombone solos adding elegance and charm to the night.


Lime Cordiale’s strengths stem not only from their sweet, smooth vocals and breezy harmonies – but also from their ability to add depth into the music they perform. This was especially visible in ‘Robbery’, ‘Dirt Cheap’ and ‘Temper Temper’, all songs that explore the intensity of love in varying ways. Seeing local Australian talent deliver layered, meaningful music that still inspired the crowd to dance and sing along the words was a delight. It’s truly no surprise the venue had been fully booked out because, at the end of the night, everyone left with smiles on their faces.

Next time Lime Cordiale come, book a ticket and get ready to put on your dancing shoes. You won’t be disappointed.

If you missed out, you can still catch Lime Cordiale at Spilt Milk in Ballarat on Saturday, 30 November; at the Corner Hotel, Melbourne on December 1; & Falls Festival in Lorne from December 28-31. Spilt Milk is sold-out, but the resale facility is now open.

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Where: Corner Hotel, Melbourne
When: Wednesday, October 30
Reviewed by Daniela Koulikov
Photos by Chloe Hall