It’s getting chilly, here’s some of our favourite winter dishes

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It’s getting chilly, here’s some of our favourite winter dishes

Winter is basically here so it seemed like a fitting time with the colder weather to look at the comfort foods we’re all guilty of eating in bulk throughout June, July and August. Here are some of our favourites comfort foods that are almost as cozy as staying in bed…. almost.

I feel like pizza is an all-year-round food, and I could eat it for every meal, every day and have no ragrets – not even one letter. Pizza is round and doughy, which is what I love to be during winter.. and there’s just something about eating a giant ball of dough, complete with magical toppings in winter that just sounds perfect. We’d recommend local favourites Pizza Bar, Shannon Pizza and Ripe Pizza Bar for all your pizza needs!

Porridge is much more than just a convenient breakfast food; it also provides nutrients that are essential during winter. Oats are high in zinc (important for proper immune function) and soluble fiber (associated with heart health), but aside from the health benefits, there’s nothing better than warming your insides with a big, bowl of porridge. Newfolk does a killer sourdough porridge, complete with fresh fruit. Can you think of anything better to warm up your belly on a cold winter’s morning?

Soup is winter’s perfect food, and there are so many ways and variations to have them. Our pick for all your soup needs is Sprout and Bean, who change their soup special daily, but always ensure to make them organic, vegan AND gluten-free. Soup options could include Moroccan Spiced Cauliflower, Maple Roasted Butternut Pumpkin, and Lemon and Lentil, but you’ll just have to head on over and find out.

Authentic Thai
Winter is here and the need for comforting and nutritious food is rising as fast as the darkness in our evenings. Thai food ticks all the boxes. Dishes such as green and red curry, pad Thai and fried rice are perfect for cooler days and nights. Our pick would be checking out ARANI Thai Restaurant for their signature authentic dishes such as classic Pad Thai, the thick and creamy Gang Massaman potato curry, Tom Yum served with prawns or the Pad Med Ma Muang. If you’re more open to trying something new and really warming up, we really recommend trying the stir-fried chilli, garlic and sweet basil (Pad Grapow), the tangy and spicy stir-fried noodle (Drunken Noodles) or the Chef’s special which offers a seafood combination served on a sizzling hot plate.

Baked Potatoes
Ya’ll have no idea how excited I am that PEOPLES POTATOES HAVE RETURNED, and just in time for winter. With the best baked potatoes in all of Geelong, these are THE PERFECT winter dish. Just picture it, a giant baked potato, lots of fried bacon, melted butter then covered in melted cheese, life actually cannot get better. Legit will warm you up from the inside out <3 monika-grabkowska-503879-unsplash

Written by Chloe Cicero