It’s All Gravy with Blue Velvet

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It’s All Gravy with Blue Velvet

Following the release of their 2018 EP “A Lesson in Regression”, 2019 now sees Sydney indie-pop band Blue Velvet entering a new chapter of their musical ventures, full of life, love and optimism. Their new single, “It’s All Gravy” is out, and is an unashamedly joyful anthem sporting the lax lyrical nostalgia of 90s punk rock, paired with undeniably 80s sonics.

Featuring a groovy synth riff and lead singer Samuel Bauermeister’s trademark sunny vocals, “It’s All Gravy” (at face value) encourages the listener to let go of life’s mundane problems. Trapped at work on a Sunday morning? “It’s not that complicated.” Hungover before an important appointment? “It’s all gravy baby.”

To celebrate the track, the band shared the top 5 stunts they wish they could pull off.

1. We wish we could incorporate karate moves (a little more) into our live sets.. we cut shapes with fists and kicks but boy would it be great to break/chop boards with a nice slice or head butt. Check out our Stay Inside All Day music video to see some of our moves in action OR our live set (but be careful if you’re in the front row, cause our kicks are mighty).

2. Eagle stage dives.. sometimes it seems very plausible but we lack the confidence – in our minds we could make it to the back of the room and back to the stage but in reality in would probably end up like Jack Black at the beginning of School Of Rock. One time at a mini fest Lewis had a little to much to drink and kept hopping onto stage then standing on the metal barricade as various voices from the crowd would echo “what are you doing?” as the night was late and people were just standing around listening to DJ’s, then he would dive into the crowd to no one and repeat this process again.. Persistence is everything.

3. Capes.. need we say more? Well we will because it’s a glorious moment.. But for their final week in High School, Lewis and Brendan did a lunchtime performance to the school and Brendan wore a cape. We performed Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin and from that day knew we were destined to become rockstars.

4. We wish we could incorporate animals into our live set – Lions balancing on balls, monkeys on unicycles, a dog that the crowd can go up to and scratch his little tum tum. But only if the animals were really into it having a good time and also had proper ear protection. If you’re reading this look after your ears, ear safety is a golden rule when rocking and rolling. Also please don’t mistreat animals..

5. We played a show with a heap of DJ’s one time in Moruya and they had a Fog Cannon.. the DJ’s let us jump on stage and party during their sets and we discovered this “Fog Cannon”. Brendan held onto it and danced as the DJ’s were building to a huge drop.. but everyone in the crowd were impatient and screaming “DO IT”, but he held his ground and bopped on the spot with the cannon. One unforgiving crowd member started to aggressively antagonise Brendan and then giving into the pressure Brendan blasted the cannon into this man with huge cheers from the crowd.. Ever since we have never wanted anything more badly for our live show than this magnificent creation.

Check out the track below.