Interpulse Q&A

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Interpulse Q&A

Soon to perform Rainbow Serpent Festival, we talked to Interpulse about the Big Bang in the universe and in his music.
Hi Interpulse, thanks for taking the time to chat with Forte magazine, how are you and what are you up to at the moment?
Great thanks Forte, I hope you are too! I’m currently working on various multimedia projects. My art has expanded beyond music, into video and web. I’m still a musician, but I’m also developing interactive apps like my Interpulse website.
First things first, how did you get into the psy-trance genre?
In 1996, the legendary Japanese DJ and psy-trance pioneer, Tsuyoshi Suzuki, released ‘A Trip to Goa’, a double CD on his brilliant label, Matsuri Productions. I was a metal guitarist and had already started enjoying writing techno, but when I heard ‘A Trip to Goa’, I became obsessed with trance. It resembled metal, but it was so much more. I began writing it and I loved it! Then I began playing it live!
We understand you’ve been doing it for 20 years now, has your music evolved much over the time?
Yes. In 1999, I formed Mantrix, a very ‘Live’ psy-trance duo with a tonne of equipment and no computers involved. It was tribal, funky and psychedelic . Over time we became less ‘live’ and more obsessed with cutting edge studio production. In 2007, we split, and I formed Interpulse. It was deep, minimal progressive trance. Over a few years, Interpulse evolved more towards techno. However, in late 2012 I had the biggest musical awakening of my life. I realised I’d been trying to fit in with the musical trends, and I should really be finding my deepest inspiration. I came up with an expression, “Write the tunes that live inside you, not the ones they play next door”. I developed my own strain of epic, atmospheric, progressive psy-trance. Removed the techno elements and made it more shamanic and heart-felt. Since then, every track I’ve written, I absolutely love.
We couldn’t help but notice there are a few references and images of the terrestrial and other-worldly on your social media, what are your thoughts on the recent discoveries of Pluto and Mars?
While I love and support science, I find it to be primitive in terms of understanding life and consciousness. I will not wait for the snail pace of NASA to confirm ideas of life beyond our planet. To just believe what science tells us, is wasting our potential as conscious beings. For example, by using my own brain, I solved the two biggest mysteries in the universe. I realised what caused the Big Bang… And what happens inside a Black Hole. Where did all that Big Bang matter come from? And where is all that Black Hole matter going? They are one and the same… both infinitely small points, singularities. The formation of a Black Hole, is the creation of a Big Bang in a another dimension. Universes give birth to more universes. Just like every other species. Hurry up NASA!
And back to your music, you also run an online music production course, what would be your best piece of advice for those looking to get into the industry?
Well, there’s the ‘industry’, and there’s music. Much of the industry is compromised by money. But music itself, real music, that makes you feel amazing: comes from the heart and soul. My advice is to find another source of income. Don’t make music your job, make it your creative expression. Ironically, people will love you for it, and they will pay you money. So the key to the industry, is to forget it. Follow your heart, and the industry will follow you.
You’ve recently been announced on the Rainbow Serpent line up, looking forward to it?
This year will be my 16th year in a row of playing my music at Rainbow Serpent Festival. It has played a major role in my life. It’s one of the most amazing environments. Year after year, it blows my mind. It’s the sort of event that reminds us that we are an incredible species, capable of forming beautiful cultures. On the weekend of Rainbow Serpent Festival, we get to live the way we really want to. We find ourselves surrounded by so much happiness, and we remember that we love the world.
Thanks again for taking the time to chat with us, are there any last words of wisdom you’d like to share with our readers? 
Thanks for listening! And yes, if you have ever thought you might like to make your own music, you can do it. Even if you have never played an instrument. It’s not about age. I have developed a simple process to help people get a head start with music production. My best production techniques, which took 20 years to work out, are demonstrated online at Believe in yourself, and thank you for listening.
When & Where: Rainbow Serpent Festival, Lexton – January 22-25