Industry Beans Cupping Session at Neighbour

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Industry Beans Cupping Session at Neighbour

Industry Beans, the specialty coffee roaster and award winning cafe located in Fitzroy, are teaming up with Newtown’s own Neighbour, to host an educational cupping session – and no, we’re not talking about the massage variety here.
This particular session with senior roaster Tom Austin will boast Industry Beans’ top notch range of coffees and teaching the methods behind appreciating what goes into a cup. This event is open to all industry professionals, coffee enthusiasts and anyone that just wants to learn more (or are just in it for some free coffee). Either way, you’ll leave feeling educated and caffeinated.
Haven’t heard of Industry Beans? Well you should check them out, they are one of the best! Roasting daily for its own café and a family of high-quality cafes and restaurants across Australia, each fortnight Industry Beans offers a new selection of single origin coffees roasted for espresso and filter. The roasting team works tirelessly throughout the seasons to source the best specialty grade green coffee grown across the globe, from the slopes of Mount Kenya to the valleys of the Baru Volcano in Panama.
This means one thing of course, these guys know what they are talking about, and in teaming up with our humble cafe in Newtown, it’s a match made in coffee heaven.
Nibbles will be provided and talk of a few cheeky beers to help with any coffee jitters. Kick off will be from 2pm, with it being estimated to wrap up around 5pm. RSVP via the event page to allow best catering for the event.
When & Where: Neighbour @ 11 Rutland Street, Newtown – Wednesday April 11, 2pm – 5pm.
Written by Daniel Jubb